February 15, 2017


“A major new folk talent has arrived” – Kevin Hugger (mp3hugger Blog)
“makes me nostalgic for a childhood I never had’” – Nick Walker (Musolist.com)
“the earthy, traditional folk sound of Jeremy Aaron is contemplative, poetic, evocative of campfires” -Jamendo.com

“When an artist can tap into something deeper, we’re always interested. Jeremy Aaron is our kind of songwriter, revealing a wonderful depth on this song. The sound is mellow and comfortable, all while inviting contemplation on the topic.”- Ear To The Ground Music 

Christine Lavin’s Review of “In The Magic Light”: 

Before listening to Jeremy Aaron’s album, In The Magic Light, all I knew about him was that last summer he had organized an 80th birthday concert tribute to the late Dave Van Ronk. Van Ronk was my guitar teacher and friend – I even worked for him for a couple years, typing up his guitar charts in exchange for lessons – so I was intrigued to listen to a young musician who obviously has deep roots.

I wish Dave were here to listen to Jeremy’s work. I think he’d feel alternately impressed, inspired, and proud that this cat organized his birthday party. Jeremy is exactly the kind of singer/songwriter Dave would have taken under his wing and taught everything he knew — though clearly Jeremy Aaron already knows a lot. His songs are intelligent, the arrangements subtly inventive, stylistically spanning genres – folk/jazz/theater – demanding and holding your attention at every turn.

The production is impeccable, everything feels exactly right, which is not surprising since Mark Dann has been recording acoustic musicians in the NYC area for decades now, and knows a thing or two about bringing out the best in artists. He is one of the few tech wizards who not only records and mixes but also masters recordings with the highest skill. He plays bass at the highest level, too, as he does here, joining a superb group of side musicians and singers who surround Jeremy’s warm, beguiling voice and perspicuous guitar playing, and lift it just a touch toward heaven.

The first thing you want to do after listening straight through to this album is listen to it again. It reminds me of the first time I heard Goodbye And Hello, Tim Buckley’s second vinyl album. I immediately listened to that one again, too. If you have Tim Buckley and Dave Van Ronk on your shelf, make a little extra room for Jeremy Aaron. And maybe Jeremy Aaron will press vinyl copies of In The Magic Light. That would feel exactly right, too.